Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

Fisair provides industrial dehumidifier in Bangladesh from SPAIN with solution from 0.5 kg/hr to 152 kg/hr capacity.

Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

Compact Industrial Dehumidifier Features:

These stainless steel compact dehumidifier units are designed to occupy a minimum of space and feature a silica gel desiccant rotor. Fisair industrial dehumidifier in Bangladesh offers optimum efficiency in maintaining water vapour molecules collected from the flow of process air while ensuring consistent and uniform drying by rotation.

Stainless steel compact series, ready for operation.

Intelligent heaters.

Desiccant rotor with heat recovery sector.

Use air filter for fresh air

Top Industrial Dehumidifier Company in Bangladesh

Tritech Building Services Ltd. is the leading supplier of world’s no. 1 Fisair best industrial dehumidifier in Bangladesh. As the leading supplier of commercial-grade dehumidifier in Bangladesh, Tritech proud of their high-quality products.

However start to finish, cutting-edge products (especially food, medicine and clothing) are manufactured to the highest standards. Improper humidity in the production and packaging sites will cause product quality degradation.

Tritech Fisair Industrial dehumidifiers are best suited for commercial and industrial applications. To know the price of dehumidifier in Bangladesh click the details button now

Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

Top Dehumidifier Specialist In Bangladesh

Dehumidifier Expert in Bangladesh
Sheikh Asifur Rahman

HVAC specialist with a demonstrated 18 years history of working in the central air conditioning field. Skilled in HVAC, Mechanical Ventilation, Industrial Air conditioning, Commercial building air conditioning, Clean Room Design, and Green Technology. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Mechanical Engineering.

Managing Director & Partner
Tritech Building Services Ltd.
Dehumidifier Expert in Bangladesh
Abu Al Motalib Raju

Another talented member of Tritech Management team. A hard-working and extremely professional who is engaged in erection, commissioning & after-sales service. He is the head of operation and the leader of the Technical team. Raju is very committed to ensure the client is satisfied 100 percent on each and every project.

Director & Partner
Tritech Building Services Ltd.
Chiller Expert in Bangladesh
Rajib Raihan

A hugely talented and energetic young professional. His technical competency has allowed the company to get into a close relationship with the large customers and thus retain them. Rajib is super analytical in understanding specific client needs and offer the industry best solution and product for win-win situation.

Director & Partner
Tritech Building Services Ltd.


Tritech Building Services Ltd.

Tritech Building Services Ltd. was established in 2003 by a group of young professionals dedicated to assignments in air conditioning. The main objective of the company is to provide engineering solutions in the field of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning). Tritech provides all types of HVAC consultancy, design, supply, and installation supports to the customers. High-quality products are imported from renowned manufacturers to fulfill the need for project owners and technical people like architects, developers, builders, and consultants. A group of experienced engineers and skilled technicians are at the service disposal of the clients all the time.

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Tritech Building Services Ltd.

Featured Projects of TRITECH

There are lot of company do HVAC solution, but Tritech designs every single project to meet its exclusive requirements and come up with the unique best solutions. All the projects are supervised and accomplished with meticulous attention by its dynamic engineering team.

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Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

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Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

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Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh


Frequently Asked Questions

What is dehumidifier ?

Dehumidifier is an appliance that takes moisture out of the air in your industry. “Humidity” is a measure of water vapor in the air. Dehumidifiers remove or minimize this water vapor.

Where are Dehumidifiers used ?



Paper and cardboard

Ammunition preservation

Data centers

Water treatment plants

Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh
Industrial Dehumidifier in Bangladesh

Industrial Dehumidifier

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