Applications of Dehumidifier in Seed Industry

Seed progress rise when seeds are bestowed at 3 degree Celsius and humidity level is 95 percent. Higher humidity level and circumambient temperature is required to reserve seeds for quicker sprouting. When the reserving time rises, for effecting sprouting seeds need moisture level between 20 to 30 percent. Metabolic cells are steed at this level.

Accurate reserving system is necessary to sustain durability of the seeds. The most difficult task is to maintain the room temperature and humidity level constant. The model room temperature for seeds is below 50-degree Fahrenheit and moisture level under 50 percent.

To maintain the proper and constant level of temperature of seeds Dehumidifier plays an important role.

Importance of Dehumidifier in Seed Industry

Seeds are delicate in elevated temperature and can be damaged by abundant drying or by prompt drying. Prompt drying may lead to inertia in seeds durability and vitality. While storing seeds maintaining temperature and moisture level is very much important.

If humid level is lofty seeds will start sprouting as it is in their nature. In overlong reservation, the efficiency and storability of seeds are simulated according to the wetness present in the seeds. Seeds can again reclaim wetness although they are dried before reservation and pass-through depreciation if they are not reserved in maintained state.

If extremely dried, seeds undergo egregious slow down effects, such as-

Loss of durability


Toxin outturn

Outgrowth of fungus

Accurate drying puts boundary on following rate of seed decay in long term reservation.

Dehumidifier devices are widely used in seeds industry to maintain the proper state of seeds. To get successful yields it is very important that room temperature and humidity level of seeds storage is maintained at a constant rate. Slight changes in temperature or humidity can create great loss in seed production. So, dehumidifier is essential tool for outstanding results in seed industry.

Advantages of Using Dehumidifier in Seed Industry

Seeds storing hold massive investment. Seeds are quite expensive and in research section seeds are irreplaceable. Massive amount of money, time and efforts can be spoiled if there is a single wound in seeds at seed storage. Too much wetness in seeds also fervent temperature creates an environment that leads to microbiological growth.

Dehumidifier monitor the atmosphere around the seeds so that they can’t soak overplus wetness that will create microbiological growth. Dehumidifier make sure of the safety of the seeds. The advantages of using dehumidifier are many. Some are listed below-

Elaborate Storage Life

Dehumidifier device can provide environment where humidity is relatively low. Seeds in low relative humidity can result to triple storage life.

Prosperous Inner Air Efficiency

When microbiological growth is wiped, working ambience of the employees enhance. Dry ambience can decrease the fungus growth at a very high rate.

Ensure Secure Cold Storage

Seeds survive longest at lower temperatures. Dehumidifier works both in high and low temperatures. So, seeds can be reserved at any temperatures.

Eject Expensive Re-packing

As dehumidifier prevent wetness retention, re-packing seeds in exhalation tight bag is absolutely not necessary. You can save your lots of time and money as dehumidifier will take care of these things.

Decreases Winter Heating Bills

Seeds at low relative humidity can do many benefits. It saves energy, prevent storage losses and increases seeds life. That saves huge amount of money every year.

Why Use Dehumidifier in Seed Industry?

Seeds are reserved so that they can be provided in different times of the year in different locations. With dehumidifier device it is possible to control the temperatures and humidity of the storage room which will make it possible to store the seeds for a longer period of time and use them in different times of the year.

Seeds need to be stored for various reasons. Farmers store seeds for a year so that they can sow it next year. Researchers store seeds for their research purpose. They store seeds for many years. Some of their stored seeds are even irreplaceable.

So, it is very imported that seeds are stored properly in controlled state of environment. Dehumidifier device make sure that seeds are stored at the right state.

Dehumidifier works perfectly both in winter and summer season to protect the seeds. The low temperature capability of dehumidifier gives one ability to put off the heat in the storage entirely still keep up limit of relative humidity. Heating building to control humidity is not needed if you have a humidifier device. Dehumidifier takes care of things more efficiently than heater.

So, use of dehumidifier in seed industry is essential.

 Seeds safety is necessary to ensure they last longer period of time. Seeds need a constant stable state of temperature and humidity that can be ensured by humidifier device. This device work at any temperature and humidity.

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