Applications of Dehumidifier in silos and Seed Storage

Bangladesh is a humid tropical country. Grain and seed storage is becoming difficult day by day due to high temperature and relative humidity. It is very important to maintain proper humidity and temperature in silos and seed storage so that grains and seeds are safe from any kind of damage.

If grains and seeds are too moisture then there is possibility of decay and spoilage. Seed and grain too dry also cause great loss. As they are then easy to caught insects and molds. Seed and grain also shrink when too dry.

So, it is very much essential that temperature and humidity of silos and seed storage are maintained. However, with dehumidifier it gets very easier to control the environment of silos and seed storage.

Importance of Dehumidifier in Silos and Seed Storage

With changing temperature and humidity, it gets very critical to monitor the moisture and temperature level at silos farm and seed storage. Although it’s an essential factor in grain and seed industry. Making sure that seed and grains are at proper cool and dry environment is main concern in seed and grain storage.

The best temperature to store food grain and seed in storage is between 40-60 degrees. High temperature and humidity simulate the ability of seeds to sprout over time but food standard decreases slightly.

Dehumidifier can freeze temperature and humid level for silos and seed storage according to their need for non-damage storage.

Non-manageable temperature and humidity might reduce the storage of seeds and grains. Insect activity also increases if the temperature is high. Insect activity can be decreased if the silos and storage temperature and humidity is below 65-to-70-degree Fahrenheit. So, grain and seeds must keep as cool as possible to reduce damage occurs from insects.

Dehumidifier device make the environment cool to keep grain and seed away from insects.

Advantages of Dehumidifier in silos and seed storage

Dehumidifier is a life savior for those who store their grain and seed in silos and storage. The benefits of dehumidifier in silos and seed storage are many. Some are listed below-

Changing temperature and humidity can reduce the life time of seeds and grain into half. Dehumidifier device ensure the proper temperature and humidity. As a result, seeds and grains in silos and storage can be stored for a long time of period.

Dehumidifier also control the insects and mold problems in silos and storage. If the temperature is too high there might be presence of insects and molds in the grain and seed. Insects cause great damage to seeds and grains. Dehumidifier provide the accurate environment to give seed and grain insect and mold free life.

Dehumidifier ensure great quality of grain and seeds. When the environment in silos and storage are in proper state the quality level also remains intact. As a result, good quality seed and grain are obtained.

Dehumidifier make sure of great profit in seed and grain industry. By ensuring that there is no damage. By the end of year, the profit is excellent.

Dehumidifier is also cost friendly. The bills are affordable of using a dehumidifier in terms of the benefits gaining from it.

Why Use Dehumidifier in silos and seed storage?

Storing seeds and grain in silos is very difficult because the empty space above the products often has contraction issues. Contraction can happen due to the fluctuating temperature and humidity from outside. Contraction can spoil the products. Storage silos need stable environment to get rid of contraction, for good product flow and better profit.

If contraction issue is not taken into consideration, then it will hamper the production of seed and grain in silos storage. It will rise production cost and loss will occur instead of profit. Sometimes pipes are also blocked due to this problem.

Dehumidifier helps to maintain the exact temperature and humidity to prevent these contraction problems.

Dehumidifier also solve insect problems if you have insect in your silos and storage. It provides cool air to keep the storage cool and dry that remove all the worries about insects and molds.

Dehumidifier are also very easy to use and very cost friendly. One can buy one very easily. Also, the benefits provided by dehumidifier is always worth then the price.

So, if you want safety of your production dehumidifier is a must device for you.

Bangladesh climate changes rapidly. In this changeable climate storing grain and seed in silos and storage is very challenging. Without proper temperature and humid level seeds and grains can come across with various problems. Problems can also cause great loss in production. Dehumidifier can erase all this problem very easily by maintaining accurate humid level and temperature.

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