Application of Dehumidifier in Ammunition Storage

Military weaponry and ammunition are greater value goods that are closely guarded and kept under supervision. At all times, they must be in a “ready-to-use” form. Humidity degradation is more common in military armaments than hot or low temperatures.

When the air is humid and there is a large difference in temperature during the 24-hour day, preservation of steel or metal items might cause condensation.Even if you reside in a coastal or other extremely humid environment, protecting your ammunition storage from harmful moisture and humidity is rather simple.

Improper ammo storage is both hazardous and wasteful. Corroded bullets can sporadically fire, which is dangerous. They are wasteful since they must be discarded once they begin to rust and corrode.

Ammunition is commonly marketed in paper or cardboard boxes, exposing both the container and the contents to a formidable foe: moisture. Donot buy ammunition in bulk and then waste it by storing it incorrectly. Invest in a dehumidifier for your ammunition storage safety.

Importance of Dehumidifier in Ammunition Storage

Instruments, electronics, and precision-machined edges of many of these military weapons can be harmed by excessive humidity or condensation. Most weapons, ranging in size from 0.22 caliber bullets to GPS guided missiles, have an explosive component somewhere in their construction.

Since many explosive propellants and charges are ineffective when wet, ammunition must be stored dry. Ammonium Nitrate, gunpowder, and solid fuel, among other materials, are particularly humidity delicate and will be rendered useless if stored in uncontrolled circumstances.

In defense activities, ammunition storage is a critical safety factor.Other ammunition that must be stored in a controlled atmosphere is dynamite. Nitroglycerine, sorbent, and stabilizers are used to make it. The dynamite rapidly attracts humidity.

Moisture decreases the explosive’s strength and explosion velocity. Arms and ammunition are frequently transferred from one location to another under a variety of temperature and relative humidity conditions. Temperature and humidity variations induce condensation, which leads to corrosion. Moisture also accelerates the breakdown of the explosive and causes corrosion of the explosion’s metal container.

For real-time communication, the Defense Department employs excellent integrated communication systems. However, if these gadgets are exposed to moisture as a result of temperature variations, it may cause communication problems and postpone army action.

Advantages of Dehumidifier in Ammunition Storage

If the humidity concentrations in explosive components goes beyond the permissible limit, dehumidification is required for safe storage, production, and processing. Irrespective of the surroundings, dehumidifiers can maintain the correct level of relative humidity.

The impact of surrounding atmosphere on ammunition and weapon performance is a never-ending research project aimed at estimating ammunition shelf life and establishing quality control. Ensuring high durability criteria and availability requirements with ammunition storage need proper humidification.

Inadequate humidity levels can cause ammunition component breakdown and malfunction, causing operations to be hampered and risky circumstances to arise as a result of malfunctioning equipment. Maintaining a relative humidity level of 40-60 percent RH in your facilities ensures optimal equipment performance and readiness.

Proper humidity leads to decreased maintenance and spare parts requirements, enhanced training and readiness metrics, and the ability to serve the largest number of combat-ready troops at any given moment.

Ammunition is usually kept in a metal container with an airtight seal. As a result, this will help you reduce long term cost. The dehumidifier system for armament and ammunition storage provides a high degree of versatility for varied places, as well as mobility, since the solution may be set up wherever the equipment is located.

The navy, air force, armored divisions of the army, missile silos, ammo depots, and armoires are all examples of applications. The air is recirculated through the dehumidifier. Hand-held weaponry, portable radio transmitters, instrumentation, missile ammo, and tiny military or medical supplies are all examples of applications.

A basic humidistat is used for monitoring. Chemical decomposition prevention is critical for personnel safety and mission effectiveness in munitions storage facilities and operations. Chemical decomposition in military ammunition is prevented by maintaining proper relative humidity levels.

Followings are some of the benefits of using dehumidifier in ammunition storage:

Ensure a secure working environment.

Increase the capability and preparedness of training.

Ascertain the equipment's and system's dependability.

Minimize component failures that are both costly and dangerous.

Types of Dehumidifiers Used in Ammunition Storage

Dehumidifiers for ammunition storage safety are divided into two categories. The first is a desiccant model, while the second is an electric model. Essentially, the desiccant kind removes moisture from the air, while the electric type warms the air to prevent condensation from forming.

When it comes to keeping your weapons, moist and humid surroundings spell disaster. Humidity in the air may rust your ammunition elements, erode moving parts, and create pitting within your barrels over time. All of this is bad for any type of weapons.

Rust and corrosion in extreme circumstances can cause weapons to malfunction. When it comes to keeping your firearms secure and dry, you should pay close care to the humidity level in any of your ammunition storage.

Thus, it is extremely vital to have the dehumidifier technology in the ammunition storage to prevent any kinds of danger, helps to maintain the quality and save long term cost. For further information about how dehumidifier can help in ammunition storage, feel free to talk to our expert.

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